Ruby Beh

Ruby is internationally recognized for her passionate, untamed dance style. She is truly a powerhouse of energy. Her background of American Classic Bellydance and Turkish Oriental makes her performances stand out with a raw, individual interpretation. Her love of Turkish culture drew her straight to the source with multiple years of study in Istanbul. In addition to being an award- winning performer, Ruby is a certified Pilates instructor and is featured on instructional and performance DVDs including her own series, Flawless Floorwork, Totally Turkish, and All About Arms. Ruby has an active touring career, brining her joyful and energetic style to workshops and performances around the globe. Ruby’s educational background includes a B.S in Environmental Chemistry and her study of Kung Fu lends a unique flavor of controlled stamina to her performances
2013 Instructor of the year 
2010 Belly Dancer of the World "1st Runner up"
2009 Bellydancer USA " Winner Professional Category"
2008 Bellydancer USA "1st Runner up"
2008 East Coast Bellydance Classic "Grand Champion" & "People's Choice"
2008 Emerald Rain Bellydance Contest "Champion"
2007 Bellydancer USA "Peoples Choice"
2007 Double Crown "Gypsy Stylist"
2007 Emerald Rain "Gypsy Stylist.

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Ruby Beh Belly Dance


Suraiya is the most celebrated polish oriental artist, multi award winner, international performer and teacher. She is the most popular polish dancer invited to international festivals and events abroad. She regularly shares stages with the best international belly dance artists. Her dedication to the art of oriental dance, knowledge, teaching and performing skills has been already appreciated in over 30 countries of 5 continents!
Suraiya is well known for her technique, stage charisma and artistic interpretations of an Egyptian Style. Suraiya is also a frequent member of the Jury during international competitions (Juror in 15 countries including World Cup and Bellydancer of the World Contest). She owns Arabic Dance Academy and Artistic Agency "Suraiya" and she is a founder and artistic director of Egyptian Fever Festival and Euro Raks International Oriental Dance Congress. 
Suraiya is also show and dvd producer. Currently she co-organizes all her events with her husband Mansour Ibrahim who is also her tabla player. They travel together all over the world sharing their passion for oriental dance. 
Suraiya is also a certified fitness, Pilates instructor and Master of International Relations and Diplomacy. Suraiya after always being involved in sports and dance, she finally found her true love –oriental dancing. She decided to devote herself to it fully and for years she has been acquiring knowledge with great enthusiasm and all the time she has been improving her abilities, visiting world bigest belly dance events, festivals, congresses and constantly learning from the best world teachers (inter alia: Fifi Abdou (Egypt), Ansuya (USA), Asmahan (Argentina/Egypt), Aradia (USA), Aziza (USA/Kanada), Isidora Bushkovski (USA), Beata i Horatio Cifuentes (Germany), Devon (USA), Lubna Emam (Egypt), Osama Emam (Egypt), Ahmed Fekry (Egypt/Germany), Maryam Habib (Germany), Jillina (USA), Leyla Jouvana and Roland (Germany), Randa Kamel (Egypt), Kazafy (Egypt), Liza Laziza (Egypt), Magdy El Leisy (Egypt/Germany), Khaled Mahmoud (Egypt), Marisa (USA), Mayodi (Maroco/France), Karim Nagi (Egypt), Nour (Egypt), Aida Nour (Egypt), Nuriyya (Belgium/Egypt), Mahmoud Reda (Egypt), Freiz Sayed (Egypt), Sadie (USA), Shahrazad (Holland)/Germany), Yousry Sharif (Egypt), Diana Tarkhan (Egypt), Tito (Egypt), Virginia (USA), Zahra (Germany), Eman Zaki (Egypt), Zeina (Sweden) and others.
Suraiya in past years has successfully participated in one year "EGYPTIAN ORIENTAL DANCE TRAINING" instructed by Nuriyya (Germany/Belgium) and received International Belly Dance Certification : "THE GRACE AND POWER OF ORIENTAL EGYPTIAN DANCE" (International Dance Council CID-UNESCO)

After a very reach study on Oriental Dance Suraiya succeded to create her own style, brand and significant flavour. Currently she is very lucky to have many of her Masters as friends - sharing with them regularly stages and jury tables all over the world!

Suraiya has many incarnations – while studying International Relations, she devoted her M.A thesis in a large measure to the problem of Islamic terrorism, which has allowed her to obtain knowledge on many characteristics of mentality and culture of some of the regions of the Arab world. 

At her dance classes, Suraiya pays attention not only to technical elements and therapeutic effects of dance on the soul but she emphasizes its salutary influence on the female body as well. She has extensive knowledge and experience in this matter, as since 2003 she has been an active fitness instructor, conducting various physical classes and, in this scope, she has undergone training in Poland and the USA. In 2005, she was a precursor of the “Fitness Belly Dance“ type classes in Poland, making her own original program based on oriental dance and fitness techniques.
All Suraiya’s incarnations, that complement one another, have enabled her to develop her own unique dancing and acting image, which delights not only the eyes of Polish audiences but also spectators from faraway corners of the world.Awards in past years:

* UK 2009 - Winner of Isis Award Competition - professional category. International Bellydance Congress.

* Los Angeles 2009 - Highest prize in the international Competiton organized by Jillina

* Prague 2008 - First prize in International Raks Sharqi Competition for Professional Dancers.

Rachel Brice Show

September 4to Sep 7

Workshop (SOLD OUT) and Show
Sun, ocean, gelato and belly dance! Comin' at ya live. Click here for details.
Thursday, September 4, 2014 – Sunday, September 7, 2014
September 12to Sep 14

Workshop (SOLD OUT) and Show
RB's first time in Switzerland! Details here.
Friday, September 12, 2014 – Sunday, September 14, 2014
September 17to Sep 21

Workshop (SOLD OUT) and Show. Back to Slovenia, the land of incredible, dedicated, and hard working dancers. Can't wait! Details click here
Wednesday, September 17, 2014 – Sunday, September 21, 2014
September 25to Sep 28

We'll be drilling down into the fundamentals and working with choreography. I love this land of the most beautiful port-a-potties I've ever seen. Registration May 1st here.
Thursday, September 25, 2014 – Sunday, September 28, 2014
October 11to Oct 18

(Sold Out) The 8 Elements™ is a technique-based approach developed by Rachel Brice. It is rooted in tribal fusion, american tribal and american cabaret belly dance styles, other contemporary and ethnic dance forms, and viniyoga™. More information about 8 Elements™ here. Registration here on April 19th.
Saturday, October 11, 2014 – Saturday, October 18, 2014
October 28to Nov 2

Workshops (SOLD OUT) and Show
6 days at a fantastic belly dance festival in the UK! Details click here
Tuesday, October 28, 2014 – Sunday, November 2, 2014
November 15to Nov 22

(Sold Out) Culmination, phase three of the 8 Elements™ training, continues with the refinement of technique and musicality, and focuses on improvisation, choreography, and performance elements of belly dance. In addition to daily technique training, participants will create original pieces. We will discuss group rehearsal, challenges presented by rehearsal and performance, and optimal conditions for group work.

Culmination is where the 8 Elements™ training is applied to actual experience in rehearsal and performance settings. At the completion of Phase III, participants will receive a document recognizing them as Practitioners of the 8 Elements™ approach. They may then be eligible for application to Phase IV, Teacher Training, provided that they complete all requirements and have consistently displayed respectful and positive behavior toward other participants and themselves throughout all three intensives.

Culmination is only open to dancers who have completed Initiation and Cultivation.

About the 8 Elements™ Approach

The 8 Elements™ is a process-based approach developed by Rachel Brice. It is rooted in tribal fusion, american tribal and american cabaret belly dance styles, other contemporary and ethnic dance forms, and viniyoga™. More information about 8 Elements™ here. Details about this intensive here.

Registration is here.
Saturday, November 15, 2014 – Saturday, November 22, 2014
February 14to Feb 21

A week of belly dance bliss by the beach and jungle in Nosara, Costa Rica. Treat yourself to belly dance, yoga, relaxation, and new friends. This is the 10th year anniversary of this wonderful retreat hosted by Sahara Dance.

Registration here.
Saturday, February 14, 2015 – Saturday, February 21, 2015
March 28to Mar 29

Glad to return to this PNW festival! Some of my all-time favorite people and dancers will be teaching and performing here.

Registration opens Saturday September 30th at noon here.
Saturday, March 28, 2015 – Sunday, March 29, 2015
August 22to Aug 29

A week of belly dance bliss in Bali hosted by Sahara Dance at the beautiful Desa Seni resort. Open air dance studio surrounded by lush tropical gardens with delicious organic food grown on site. Swim in the pool, lounge in the sun and dance to your heart's content.

More information and registration here.
Saturday, August 22, 2015 – Saturday, August 29, 2015

Rachel Brice

Rachel Brice is a contemporary performer in Tribal Fusion Style Belly Dance based in Portland, Oregon. She is the artistic director and choreographer for The Indigo Belly Dance Company and a frequent performer with the Bellydance Superstars. In June 2011 she opened her own dance studio in Portland, OR, called Studio Datura. There she hosts regular dance classes along with workshops from her 8 Elements™ Approach to Belly Dance training program.

She has performed and toured nationally and internationally since 2002. As a member of the Bellydance Superstars, Brice made numerous appearances on Bellydance Superstars DVDs, as well as a multitude of television and radio appearances worldwide, most notably Live with Regis and Kelly in the US and Blue Peter in England.
As a teacher and movement arts pedagogue, Brice has released instructional videos focusing on Yoga and Belly Dance, and has given workshops throughout the United States, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Brice began teaching Yoga and Belly Dance for Pixar Animation Studios and continues to teach workshops annually all over the world. In 2012, Brice launched her online belly dance and conditioning studio, Datura Online."Rachel Brice first fell in love with belly dance when she saw the famous Hahbi'Ru in the early nineties. When she saw big, gorgeous, proud women with strong carriage and charisma adorned with spectacular antique tribal jewelry, facial tattoos, and rich textiles, it changed the way she saw beauty. She started classes in American Cabaret style right away.

In the early 2000s while studying dance in college, she studied American Tribal Style® Belly Dance, African Haitian, Flamenco, Modern Dance, Kathak, and Odissi Classical. At this time she was also in Jill Parker’s Ultra Gypsy, the first Tribal Fusion troupe. She began to be influenced by the various forms she was studying, which influenced her style. She also began to dance with Mardi Love, one of her biggest aesthetic influences.
In 2001 she was discovered by rock mogul Miles Copeland and toured for five years with his company, Bellydance Superstars. These tours sparked a global interest in this very San Fra
ncisco style of belly dance, known as Tribal Fusion, which continues to grow, change and evolve.Today, Rachel studies belly dance with her teachers Carolena Nericcio, creator of American Tribal Style®, and yoga with Gary Kraftsow. Whenever possible, she takes classes with her colleagues. When not teaching on the road, she lives in Portland Oregon where she's opened a studio, Datura, and has begun a production company, Little Scarab with her partner, Sol Crawford. Together they've created a belly dance training program called the 8 Elements™ Approach to Belly Dance. Someday they hope to own a dog and tend a garden."

Alla Kushnir Belly Dance

Alla Kushnir Professional Belly Dance

Allah Kushir Belly Dance MIX

Alla Kushnir Shik Shak Shok 

Alla Kushnir Belly Dance Oriental Cocktail 2014 

Alla Kushnir Sexy Belly Dance

Alla Kushnir Belly Dance Perfotmance in Los Angeles 2013   

Alla Kushnir Belly Dance Solo 

Alla Kushnir

Alla Kushnir is a famous and acclaimed Ukrainian belly dancer, Choreographer, Festival and Performance organizer. She is characterized as a very explosive and spectacular dancer who has been finalist of Ukraine TV-show “Ukraine gots Talent”, LBC Belly Dance World Championship “Hezzi Ya Nawaim” and many time in diverse world championships of belly dance.

Alla Kushnir is engaged in dances since the childhood. She studied at specialized school of applied arts and crafts. At the beginning of dancing career Alla did not experience the predilection for any certain direction in dance, therefore is engaged in ball and folk, and variety dances, and took active part in various competitions of amateur performance.

After leaving school she entered the Law Academy and decided not to link her life with dance. However, on the second year Alla casually saw the belly dance on TV. This programme changed all her life. She decided to be engaged in the east dances and as for that time in Nikolayev there were no teachers, Alla began to study belly dance by herself. She visited numerous seminars in different cities of Russia and Ukraine.

For today Alla Kushnir is the finalist and the prize-winner of such prestigious competitions as: the Open championship of St.-Petersburg, the World championship in Moscow, a bronze prize-winner of the Lebanese TV project "Hezzi Ya Nawaim" 2008, the winner of the Berlin festival on east dance «Oriental Bazar". At the first all-Ukrainian festival of east dance "Bastet" Alla received the offer from the well-known ballet master Vadim Pisarev to participate in his production of «A Thousand and One nights». Vivid and arresting to all the Ukrainians finalist of TV show “Ukraine gots Talent” The presenter of TV program "East dances with Alla Kushnir" on Maxxi TV.

Alla Kushnir invites everyone to join the exciting and mysterious world of the East in her studio of east dance. According to Alla, east dance not only reflects life, it helps to reveal the inner world of a dancer, her attitude to life. In the East there is an ancient proverb that opens the wholel essence of east dances: «the Woman dances like she loves, and loves like dances».

Simona Guzman

Simona is an Oriental dancer, teacher and the organizer of the "Mediterranean Delight Festival" around the Mediterranean sea countries. She organized her festivals in Turkey, Morocco and Greece.
My name is Simona Guzman and I am a belly dancer. A belly dancer who dances to quiet and lively music, with drums and flutes. I dance the spring and the sea, the desert and the sun. 

Being a belly dancer was my dream, for as long as I can remember, but I started my professional career as the "Gotex" house model. For 11 years, I worked as a photo and runway model, appearing in some of the most prestigious exhibitions and fashion shows in the world in Dusseldorf and Paris. 

I appeared in many catalogues and on many covers of esteemed fashion magazines. I waited for the opportunity to realize my dream of learning how to belly dance and then, one day, I began taking Middle Eastern dance classes at the Wingate Institute and my dream became a reality – I became a belly dancer, certified to teach Middle Eastern dance.Since then, I participated in seminars in Israel and in Egypt, attending courses by the leading teachers.

Latifa Nejim Belly Dance

On the anniversary concert of the studio "Sargam", Kraskovo city (Russia) -2012

The 3rd winner on the "Ahlan Wa Sahlan" festival (Cairo -2011) - "Alf Leyla Wa Leyla"

A particularly dramatic and exciting performance from 2007 by Latifa Nejim

Latifa Nejim - Baladi (for the DVD project), 2012

Orient Cypras 3

Latifa Nejim

Latifa was born and grew up in Ukraine. All her life connects with a dance!

"Dance is my life" - the motto of Latifa!
In Ukraine for 10 years Latifa was the leader in ukrainian professional dance group of folkloric dance. Was successful experience in modern pop and ballroom dance. But always Latifa wanted something more where she could open her heart and soul to show all her feelings to the audience. How was she wondering when once in 2003 Latifa learns from her first teacher of dance who lived in Russia about new kind of dance - it was Belly Dance!

Realized that it is amazing new style of dance is very interesting for her ,where all the people can develop themself and not depend on partners, in 2004 Latifa decided and moved to Russia. Almost 2 years Latifa had experience working in the most famouse arabic restaurant in Moscow. There she was able to observe the various belly dancers, as well as get acquainted with the Arabic music such as: Oum Kolthsoum, Abdel Halim, Warda , Abdel Wahab etc.. “It was a big school for me” – Latifa says,– :“we did not see the days, we were working only at the nights”.

In 2006 in Moscow Latifa met 2 belly dance super stars from Egypt who came to teach russian students- they were a great teacher Madame Raqia Hassan and the legendary Dina. From that moment Latifa falls in love in an Egyptian style of oriental dance! Latifa already knew that for sure she should to visit the country where all the people are grew up with arabic culture , music and atmosfer. That in this people the feelings of the oriental dance come with their blood.

While Latifa kept in mind this idea, she started to practice hard in Belly Dance every day more! And she even did not notice that she got a leading position among the dancers of Russia. And in 2007-2008 by the International Dance Organization (IDO) Latifa became European Champion, World Cup winner and World Champion!

1 year later In 2009 Latifa realized her dream and came for the first time to visit Egypt where she met the most famous belly dancers . Since that time inside of Latifa turned over all awareness about oriental dance. Latifa's dance began to change significantly. Using her skills from previous years Latifa brings in dance the best of the parts. It is the grace of perfect motion of classical and modern dance keeping pace with the times. But there is a basis what Latifa always leaves - is Egyptian style of dance!
Now Latifa works in All Russian Dance Organization as a partner (ARDO) in Moscow. She has the highest and international judging category in Oriental Dance (IDO).

Latifa received higher education at the Moscow State University of Culture and Arts as a teacher-choreographer!

Since 2012 by the invitation of the most famous and legendary Madame Raqia Hassan, Latifa received a big opportunity became a teacher and performer in the biggest International "Ahlan Wa Sahlan" Festival in Egypt/Cairo! Latifa's popularity every year becomes more and more. Latifa teaches and performs all over the world!