Simona Guzman

Simona is an Oriental dancer, teacher and the organizer of the "Mediterranean Delight Festival" around the Mediterranean sea countries. She organized her festivals in Turkey, Morocco and Greece.
My name is Simona Guzman and I am a belly dancer. A belly dancer who dances to quiet and lively music, with drums and flutes. I dance the spring and the sea, the desert and the sun. 

Being a belly dancer was my dream, for as long as I can remember, but I started my professional career as the "Gotex" house model. For 11 years, I worked as a photo and runway model, appearing in some of the most prestigious exhibitions and fashion shows in the world in Dusseldorf and Paris. 

I appeared in many catalogues and on many covers of esteemed fashion magazines. I waited for the opportunity to realize my dream of learning how to belly dance and then, one day, I began taking Middle Eastern dance classes at the Wingate Institute and my dream became a reality – I became a belly dancer, certified to teach Middle Eastern dance.Since then, I participated in seminars in Israel and in Egypt, attending courses by the leading teachers.