Amelia Zidane

Amelia Zidane born in Grenoble (France), was attracted very early by the music, the dance and the theater despite her family's reticence.
She studied socio-medical sciences intending herself to become children's psychologist but her artistic passion, drove her to leave her province to Paris in 1994 to pursue her dream.
She worked several jobs before being noticed by Jacques Boni, Director of the "...Trois Mailletz" in Paris, where she will move forward from 1997 to 2005.

She Choreographs and directs her own spectacles, creating more than fifteen shows, true Showgirl, she creates in 1995 Flamenco-Arabic then in the 2001 "Oriental-Modern-Dance-Show", a fusion between hip hop and belly dance. She danced in the biggest world theatres, such as Bercy with Khaled, the Zenith with Cheb Mami, Olympia with Enrico Macias, Manu Chao in Toulouse and Central Park in New York ... Two European tours and a world tour are followed from there, we estimate at more than 600.000 spectators having applauded in it.

In 1999, Amelia Zidane records "Sefina" a title which she Co-written and interpreted in Arabic, produced by EMC records, after a pasage noticed on Hit Machine she settles in Beirut where she presents "Paris-Beirut".

She collaborates with the famous D.J Said Mrad and Adam Youssef on the recording of an album.

"l'Orientale Fatale" will make you travel through the Magical World of Arabian Night… Amelia Zidane is one of the most renowned belly dancer in the world. 

Amelia Zidane was the 1st belly dancer to appear on the Covers of French Magazines, Elle, TéléMag…
"She leans as a queen and goes back like a dream. Whoever saw her on the stage did not regret his coming & whoever missed her will catch her when she gets back and would confirm that Amelia Zidane lightens up literally the screen." Aziz Patel

Pioneer and innovative, in 2007, Amelia Zidane imagined, created and developed with i-magic: 

The First World Belly Dance Championship "Hezzi ya nawaem"

Her contribution added to the success of the TV show broadcasted on LBCI at prime time (watched in the Middle East and around the world), where her personal input as a consultant, coach and member of the jury with Simon Asmar, Najwa Fouad, Zaza Hassan, Nadra Assaf were an added value. An experience renewed in 2008 with “Hezzi ya nawaem 2” as a casting director and consultant.
2008-2009 Amelia is choreographer, dancer and member of jury on “Ajwaa” at prime time on Futur TV
New Year’s Eve 2009, Amelia Zidane was on Prime Time on LBC with Tony Baroud, Melhem Barakat, Yara

June 2010 J&B sponsorised Amelia at the Global Party Byblos / August: Nahide & Al Jamal Istanbul Turkey

July 2010 Amelia Zidane Live at BEITEDDINE PALACE August 2010 Amelia performed with TIESTO in Egypt.
Amelia is the Official Bellydancer of The Prince Abdel-Aziz ben Fahd ben Abdel-Aziz al-Saoud

Amelia Zidane Awarded SEXIEST BELLY DANCER OF THE WORLD 2010 & 2011 by Fanoos
New Year's Eve 2012 live on LBC