Anna Borisova

  Anna Borisova is a bellydance star from Russia, nowadays one of the most popular bellydance artists in her country. She started her career in 2006. During this time she was taking part in different competitions in Russia and abroad, including Cairo.
  Anna has developed her own special style, which can be described as strong and very powerful, but at the same time very soft, playful and feminine. Usually she combines strong hip movements with soft arms and powerful shimmies. Anna prefers emotional and impressive dancing using expressiveness and charisma to touch the audience and catch the eye. She adores egyptian style and likes to add some innovations to it.   At the current time she presents her experience to her students all over the world. She was teaching in such countries as Ukraine, France, England, Sweden, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, China, Korea, Japan, Argentina, Venezuela and many more. She is happy to share her knowledge and energy with everyone at her workshops!

ANNA BORISOVA - Lama Rah El Sabr 2014 Workshops and show in France, Marsielle, May 2014 Teaching at Raqs Ou Bess Festival, organized by Sephora Beka. Choreography by Anna Borisova

ANNA BORISOVA - Zei El Hawa 2014


ANNA BORISOVA - Russian Belly Dancer Solo Tabla