Alla Kushnir Belly Dance

Alla Kushnir : Miss Belly dance of Europe 2008

Born in Ukraine, studied dance in his country in the National Academy of Odessa, where she has perfected the oriental dance. In 2003 she met Tarik Sultan, one of the great choreographers and dance instructors in America and took lessons with Egyptian teacher Mahmoud Reda.
Our beautiful dancer belongs to that small group of bellydancers of Eastern Europe that are characterized by power, agility, vitality, passion and temperament. She performs in many countries with great success.
Professional Dancer and Teacher - Miss Bellydance of Europe 2008 Berlin - Ukrainian champion 2007 & 2008 - World champion nominated

Rio Raks 2013 Hosted by Sasha's Belly Dance Studio featuring Alla Kushnir


Alla Kushnir - professional Sexy belly dance

Sexy Belly Dance Alla Kushnir - Leila