Anna Borisova

  Anna Borisova is a bellydance star from Russia, nowadays one of the most popular bellydance artists in her country. She started her career in 2006. During this time she was taking part in different competitions in Russia and abroad, including Cairo.
  Anna has developed her own special style, which can be described as strong and very powerful, but at the same time very soft, playful and feminine. Usually she combines strong hip movements with soft arms and powerful shimmies. Anna prefers emotional and impressive dancing using expressiveness and charisma to touch the audience and catch the eye. She adores egyptian style and likes to add some innovations to it.   At the current time she presents her experience to her students all over the world. She was teaching in such countries as Ukraine, France, England, Sweden, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, China, Korea, Japan, Argentina, Venezuela and many more. She is happy to share her knowledge and energy with everyone at her workshops!

ANNA BORISOVA - Lama Rah El Sabr 2014 Workshops and show in France, Marsielle, May 2014 Teaching at Raqs Ou Bess Festival, organized by Sephora Beka. Choreography by Anna Borisova

ANNA BORISOVA - Zei El Hawa 2014


ANNA BORISOVA - Russian Belly Dancer Solo Tabla

JinHee Kim

JinHee Kim - Belly Dance - Danse Orientale - رقص شرقي

I’m professional bellydancer and Teacher. I have started belly dance in Korea since I was sixteen years old. After then, I have learned traditional dance, modern dance, ballet, which it is filled with my life. I practice regularly in my country and before doing, I have received first prize at many competition. Furthermore, I was awarded the title of first Winner in international belly dance festival. Nowadays, many people in various countries,call on me in order to show my performance and hold workshop. Learning endless is very important factor as dance is changing continually. The deeper I study belly dance, the more I admire the richness of expression it can demonstrate from the most simple thing to complex emotion. I think that belly dance embodies human being , feeling , love, instinct, and world. I’d like to share

 these things with everybody. Belly dance the love of it all. Nothing is more important than belly dance in my life. 

JinHee Kim - Belly Dance - Danse Orientale - رقص شرقي
Jinhee Kim is Korean bellydancer.
international belly dance performer and teacher and choreographer.
Multi Award Winner.

JinHee Kim - Belly Dance

Jinhee Kim @ Pratyaya vol.2 at Nagoya JAPAN presented by Ladea 2013.3.23

JINHEE KIM Performance November 2013

Jinhee Kim @ Eilat Festival 2014 Opening Gala 

Alla Kushnir Belly Dance

Alla Kushnir : Miss Belly dance of Europe 2008

Born in Ukraine, studied dance in his country in the National Academy of Odessa, where she has perfected the oriental dance. In 2003 she met Tarik Sultan, one of the great choreographers and dance instructors in America and took lessons with Egyptian teacher Mahmoud Reda.
Our beautiful dancer belongs to that small group of bellydancers of Eastern Europe that are characterized by power, agility, vitality, passion and temperament. She performs in many countries with great success.
Professional Dancer and Teacher - Miss Bellydance of Europe 2008 Berlin - Ukrainian champion 2007 & 2008 - World champion nominated

Rio Raks 2013 Hosted by Sasha's Belly Dance Studio featuring Alla Kushnir


Alla Kushnir - professional Sexy belly dance

Sexy Belly Dance Alla Kushnir - Leila

Shahrzad Raq's Dance

Shahrzad Raqs at Rakkasah East
Belly Dancer Shahrzad of Washington DC Improvising to a taqsim and drum solo.

Shahrzad, Balliceaux RVA, Bellydance Brunch Cabaret

Shahrzad at Drom, NYC
Shahrzad performing at a gala show in NYC hosted by Nourhan Sharif. The show was celebrating Raqia Hassan's workshop. Nourhan regularly hosts Shahrzad, Raqia Hassan, and other great Egyptian dance instructors in NYC.

Shahrzad Belly dance to Sert El Hob

Shahrzad Belly Dance drum solo

Shahrzad Raq

 Shahrzad has been enchanting the stage with her dancing since she discovered her passion for performance at the age of 11. Since then, she has immersed herself in a variety of dance disciplines--including Modern Egyptian and folk styles from Egypt, Morocco, and the Middle East. Her professional background leading international workshops and teaching classes began when she was 15, headlining shows with live bands at top venues in Washington D.C., Philadelphia, and New York City. Most of Shahrzad's technique and choreography is influenced from her tutelage while in Egypt, where she was mentored by expert belly dance teachers. These mentorships opened the doors to performances at larger arena settings for famous arabic musicians, cultural demonstrations at embassies and universities, and headlining opportunities at international events.
As a result of her studded performance history, Shahrzad has established herself as an instructor for workshops, international events, and full-time classes at Sahara Dance, the largest belly dance school in Washington D.C. and surrounding metropolitan area. Her classes focus on an interactive experience that enhances every rank of student: novice dancers looking for individual achievements, veteran dancers looking to join the professional circuit, and professional belly dancers building choreography for their events.
Going forward, Shahrazad will continue to teach her students while securing international concert and workshop dates as belly dancing continues to inspire her and those that respect the growing interest in this art of dancing.

SONIA ~ The Mother of All Belly Dance's (Beats Antique-EGYPTIC)


 Sadie is a global Bellydance sensation!

First seen as a “Rising Star” on BD-TV Vol. II in 2004, Sadie is now featured on dozens of instructional and performance DVDs displaying her extraordinary style of Bellydance which has captivated audiences and inspired fans around the world.
As one of the most sought after performers and teachers of Oriental Dance (Bellydance), Sadie has visited hundreds of cities in over 40 countries and is the most watched bellydancer on youtube with over 26 million hits on justone video clip alone. Sadie’s fans and colleagues have crowned her “The Queen of the Drum Solo”. Recently Sadie, in duet with Kaya, wowed the judges of “America’s Got Talent” and the American public all the way to the “Top 48″ out of 70,000 auditions on season 5 of the program. They are the only bellydancers to make it that far on the American version of the show.

Sadie’s signature styling has marked a new genre and following in Bellydance. Her unique expression fuses together athleticism, grace and precision; attributes instilled in part by training in gymnastics and swimming for 14 years in her youth. In her late teens Sadie took up a new passion, Oriental Dance. As a student, Sadie studied with many reputable Middle Eastern dance and music teachers from around the world. Her first inspiration and mentor in Bellydance was her teacher Joynan from Denver, Colorado. Other key, influential moments in her education include two extended trips to Turkey (including a dance tour with teacher Eva Cernik) where she studied and observed the dance and learning to play the Doombek (the goblet shaped Middle Eastern hand drum) via master percussionist and musician Souhail Kaspar. Sadie continues to enrich and pursue her education in the beautiful art form of Oriental Dance which is continually evolving and at the same time firmly rooted in traditions which can be traced back hundreds and even thousands of years. Every year she has the great fortune of attending festivals and conventions with some of the worlds greatest masters and legends of Oriental Dance, sharing the stage with them as well as taking their workshops and classes.

Sadie’s passion for dance, music and culture has inspired her to study other forms of world dance in addition to Oriental Dance such as, Brazilian Samba, Salsa and Tahitian to name a few. This diverse background coupled with over a decade of athletic training in gymnastics and swimming has given Sadie great command of movement and wisdom of dance that comes to life not only in her inspiring performances but also in her gift to teach and share her knowledge with her students. Sadie has had the honor and privilege of working with thousands of students from all walks of life and cultures around the world giving her great insight as an instructor. Students of Sadie comment on her down to earth, witty teaching style that breaks down her movements in a way that literally anyone can understand and begin to work with.

In a very short time Sadie has enjoyed the achievements of an impressive career. She has received accolades such as “The Critic’s Choice” by the Denver Post and Westswords “Denver’s Best 2006″ for shows and dance classes, dancing for celebrities like Will Smith and Kevin Fitzgerald of Animal Planet’s “Emergency Vets”, TV appearances in a James Bond commercial produced by Starz/Encore and choreographing for, and dancing in music videos and musicals. Watch Sadie & Kaya in their “Top 48″ (Quarter-Finals) of America’s Got Talent Season 5 performance, where they WOWED the judges and showcased their exciting bellydance performance for a mainstream American audience of 30 million plus viewers. Sadie has been one of the most prolific bellydancers of all time with over a dozen instructional videos that sell worldwide. Based out of Denver, Colorado, when Sadie is not traveling the globe she can be found teaching her award winning bellydance classes. Over the years she has been a public figure in the Denver scene where she has performed over 300 shows in one year alone at the cities finest establishments, festivals and events.


 Rahel has loved dance all her life. Since a young age, she has been highly involved in the artistic exploration of various forms of dance, rhythm and music. She found her calling in Raks Sharqi (Oriental/Egyptian Cabaret Style Bellydance) at the age of fifteen and has been passionate about it ever since, wholly immersing herself in it.

Rahel’s serpentine fluidity and joyful, engaging stage presence, as well as her unique, eclectic dance style make her a highly sought after performer, instructor and choreographer.

Although she has studied primarily under her mentor Narmaya, she has taken inspiration and influence from a number of dancers from around the world, ranging from the classics to the contemporary, and she has trained and taken workshops with greats such as Bozenka, Sabura, Ranya Renee, Rahma Hadad, Sadie, Jim Boz, Moira Chappell, April Rose, Gigi Dilsah, Zahra Zuhair, Katalin Schafer and Farideh. Rahel also completed Ranya Renee’s Teacher Certification Training in March 2012.

As a certified yoga teacher (RYT 500) from Prana Yoga College, Rahel incorporates elements of her yoga training into her dance lessons for a more well-rounded, body-educated practice. She is also proud to have created a fusion class called Bellydance Yoga, incorporating bellydance elements and focus into a Hatha-based yoga class. She is also available for regular yoga classes in public, private and semi-private settings.

Rahel has danced with bellydance troupe Banat Dallah, and for several years was a member of Ninawa Eastern Magic Folkloric Dance Company run by internationally renowned dancers Moh Abu Ras and Moh Al Ratta. Her film credits include a starring dance role in the award winning short film “Imago” by VFS graduate Drea Morin, as well a featured performance in an episode of the hit TV series “Hellcats”. Rahel was also a featured performer in the high profile event Illuminate Yaletown in 2011. Rahel had the privilege of having her choreography selected for the 2012 “Shimmy Mob”, the world’s largest bellydance flash mob featuring thousands of dancers all over the globe.

Rahel is one of the official dancers for Vancouver fusion band Tambura Rasa and can be seen performing with them at their exciting shows around BC. Previous shows have included the 2011 Harrison Festival of the Arts, and Vancouver’s high profile Dragon Boat Festival in 2014. Rahel has also performed with other musical sensations such as Shantel, Nickodemus, and Juno Reactor.

Rahel is currently teaching weekly beginner, intermediate and advanced bellydancing classes in Vancouver at the Jewish Community Centre, Ache Basil Capeoria Academy and Mount Pleasant Community Centre, and has been performing professionally at restaurants, weddings, birthday parties, Christmas/New Years parties, bridal showers, awards shows, corporate events and more in the Lower Mainland since 2003.

Rahel takes the greatest joy in inspiring and empowering women of all ages, shapes, sizes and backgrounds with this beautiful, ancient art form… because everyone deserves bellydance!


Performer, Master Instructor, Choreographer, Director and Producer, Jillina has devoted her life to dance. Currently Jillina is touring the world with her newest production: Bellydance Evolution. Created in 2009, Bellydance Evolution is a revolutionary approach to the art of bellydance; it is a theatrical show with a storyline, much like a ballet. Bellydance Evolution has already appeared in over 20 countries and was a featured performer at the Mawazine festival in Morocco, performing for the Queen of Morocco.

In 1999 Jillina established her own dance company, Jillina’s Sahlala Dancers, currently LA’s premier Middle Eastern and world fusion dance entertainment company. From 2003-09 she served as Artistic Director and Main Choreographer for the Bellydance Superstars and performed with them for over 700 shows in over a dozen countries. High-lights include performing on the main stage at Lolapaloza, The Follies Berger in Paris, The Queen’s Theater in London and Theatre Mohammed V in Rabaat, Morocco. Jillina continued in her position as principal choreographer until 2010.

Jillina pulls from a strong dance background in Middle Eastern, Folklore, Jazz, Ballet, and Hip Hop to create
a colorful Middle Eastern fusion repertoire. She travels extensively, teaching seminars and performing in concerts. The “Michael Jordan of Bellydance”, Jillina’s talents have taken her to England, Scotland, Ireland, Australia, Japan, China, Taiwan, Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Panama, Chile, Venezuela, Canada, France, Italy, Monaco, Germany, Belgium, Austria, Holland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Spain, Switzerland, Portugal, Luxembourg, Russia, Slovenia, Peru, Greece, Turkey, Morocco, Dubai and Egypt. Whether Jillina is coaching dancers individually or teaching a group of 1,000 students, she has a special ability to connect with people on and off the dance floor.

Jillina has won numerous awards from International Academy of Middle Eastern Dance and the Giza Academy, including Best Modern Egyptian Dancer, Best Instructional Video, Best Dance Company and Dancer of the Year. Jillina has appeared on a number of television programs, including, “Dancing With The Stars” & “Tsukiri” a widely viewed show in Japan. She has co-produced 12 instructional DVDs, which, due to their success, are now offered in 5 different languages and distributed by Universal Records. In the summer of 2009 and 2010, Jillina was the first American to be invited as a featured performer in the prestigious Closing Gala at Ahlan Wa Sahlan in Egypt.

Jillina is the owner of Evolution Dance Studios, located in Universal City, California, USA. The studio provides rehearsal space to some of Hollywood’s top artists- Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Choreographers from So You Think You Can Dance- and serves as a focal point for the Los Angeles Dance Community.

Didem Kınalı

Didem Kınalı was born in 1986, in Istanbul, to a gypsy family earning its living from performing live music and dancing. After only completing three years of primary education, she dropped out of school. It’s unknown exactly what she was doing in her adolescent years, but she was certainly developing her passion for belly dancing, even if she wasn’t performing to crowds.

In an interview, she stated that she was first performingb belly dancing in the suburban district of Avcılar, which is not known to be the place to go for an evening’s entertainment. Nevertheless, Turkey’s male oriented “gazino” culture offers plenty avenues, ranging in quality, for belly dancers like Didem to perform.

Working with her tutor, Sema Yıldız, a former belly dancer, she eventually made her move to the high quality venues in Taksim, the heart of Istanbul’s night life. One of her first venues is understood to be one of Istanbul’s finest belly dancing and dinner venues, Sultana’s Dinner.and 1001 Nights Show, which opened in 2001, replacing the famous discotheque of the 1970′s and 1980′s, Regine. She would work here for four years, as well as making nightly appearances at other surrounding venues, before she got the call to perform on “Ibo Show”, one of the few talk-show/performance programmes on Turkish television that feature belly dancers, hosted by the star of the Turkish arabesque music world, İbrahim Tatlıses.
Following the controversial departure of Asena from the show, all eyes were on Didem. Asena had built a reputation as having innovated Turkish belly dancing, and was revered throughout the country. Didem initially struck audiences with her beauty, but her talent was also soon recognised.
Those who have watched Didem live have always been left mesmerised, and it is true, as is with all stage performances of any kind, that she must be watched at a venue to really appreciate her talent and energy, which she conveys to the viewer through eye contact and a very honest, cheerful smile.

Didem’s personal life is a big mystery. However, she is known to be a very cheerful, strong and positive young woman to her friends. She’s proud of her Roma heritage. She has been seen in public dressed casually with relaxed fitting clothes, far from the image she puts across on stage.

During a year’s absence from İbo Show due to reasons out of her control, Didem performed on the Wednesday morning day time television show “Sabahların Sultanı”, hosted by Seda Sayan, who never hid her admiration for Didem. However, a morning chat show could never be the arena that Didem deserves. Audiences, mainly made up of housewives, would be seen knitting and chattering amongst themselves during the broadcast. For a dancer like Didem who thrives on audience energy, there could hardly be a worse place to perform.

In June 2009, İbo Show returned to Star television, having been on Kanal D and Atv previously. The weekly summer shows, being broadcast from the beautiful Aegean holiday area of Bodrum, feature Didem’s dances.

She also regularly performs in Europe, where she is hired to dance at clubs and events. Since 2009 she’s also been featuring at Günay restaurant, on nights where Tatlıses has also performed.

Didem’s guest appearances on Turkish television include the “Beyaz Show”, a light hearted chat show hosted by Beyazıt Öztürk. In one show, she attempted to teach belly dancing to Carmen Electra.

It remains to be seen what the future will hold for Didem. She rarely speaks on television, in fact she’s not allowed to by Tatlıses. But she has developed a massive following across the globe, thanks to YouTube, where some of her videos have been watched over a million times.

Ariellah Aflalo

Ariellah Aflalo is a contemporary bellydance fusion dancer of Moroccan ancestry. Ariellah Aflalo is a contemporary Dark Fusion belly dancer, known for her dance technique and powerful stage presence. The signature dark flavor of her style, along with her skill as a dancer, has made her alegend in both the conventional and Gothic belly dance scenes.
Ariellah Aflalo grew up in California, raised in the traditions of her Moroccan heritage. She began to study classical ballet with the Royal Academy of Dance of London at the age of three and continued the training for the next 12 years. Upon moving to the San Francisco Bay Area, she took a hiatus from dance to complete her education and travel toIvory Coast as a member of the Peace Corps. After returning to the United States, Ariellah began studying folkloric North African belly dance under Janine Ryle. Janine was a student of Magana Baptiste and the renowned belly dance institution Hahbi ‘Ru. Ariellah soon became a member of Janine’s troupe, Dance Maghreb, which performed authentic Algerian and Berberdances. Seeing that the dance form was a natural fit for Ariellah, Janine encouraged her to seek instruction from the now legendary Rachel Brice. Ariellah began studying Tribal Fusion belly dance with Rachel in 2002 and, a year later, became one of the founding members of Rachel’s troupe, The Indigo Belly Dance Company.

When The Indigo began touring worldwide with the Bellydance Superstars, Ariellah chose to remain home where she could continue her personal dance projects and help nurture a fast-growing following of students. As the only stationary and locally accessible tie to The Indigo, as well as an innovator of Tribal Fusion belly dance in her own right, Ariellah quickly grew in popularity.
Ariellah was drawn into the goth scene in her teenage years. With an exotic background and appearance, she never quite fit in among her conventional peers but was embraced by the goth community. Ariellah began attending Death Guild — the longest-running goth club in San Francisco. There, the dance floor became an incubator for the personal style that she would later incorporate into belly dance. To this day, Ariellah continues to be involved in various artistic projects and events within the goth scene — locally, nationally, and across the world.

What is Dark Fusion Belly Dance?
From my point of view, dark fusion belly dance is one of the many offshoots of tribal fusion belly dance. Dark fusion belly dance taps into the more theatrical, dramatic, passionate and emotional side of belly dance. It utilizes the basic elemental movements of belly dance and mixes them with the dancer's darker stylizations, music and costuming. In my case as a dancer, I infused my belly dance movements with my own personal character and personality which contains much of the gothic subculture lifestyle, attitude, stylings and tastes.
Dark fusion belly dance is a mental and physical aesthetic that a dancer has inside their being, which manifests through their dance. There is a continuim of the dancer's gothic aesthetic, so to speak, that is brought to the table. I have noted that in dark fusion belly dance performances, a deep emotion is invoked in the audience and there is a sense of the audience being brought into the performance. The energy that flows from the dancer is strong and piercing and draws the audience in with its expressiveness.
How is this accomplished? Well, for one, the hands are most expressive and the energy conveyed and released in the hands and fingertips can be powerful and far reaching. Facial expressions and stage presence play a great role in dark fusion belly can be done with the eyes, gazing right into the eyes of the audience, imploring them to feel your feelings, as well as a tilt of the head this way or that way to express a thought or emotion or storyline or simply to command attention or engage or capture the surprise of the audience. I also find that in dark fusion belly dance storylines can range from fantasy type stories invoking dark shadows or snakes or myths, or invoking deities or ritual based, or simply the dancers own story, emotion and expression...

In your practice and training and performance, I encourage you to elevate your dance and find that balance between technique and artistry and emotion and dance...I encourage you to bring a higher energy to all of your movements and an awareness of your posture and an awareness of your emotions and of your own style of belly dance and how that comes through; bring drama to your dance...bring YOURSELF to your dance...elevate it...and shine ever so brightly...

Founding member of The Indigo Belly Dance Company
Founder and artistic director of Deshret Dance Company
​Founding member of Noor Belly Dance Projeckt
Original member of Danse Maghreb
Co-founder and co-promoter of Shadow Dance
Former co-promoter of Gothla US
Performer and workshop instructor at numerous belly dance events across the world
Guest performer at various goth clubs and underground events


Winner, First Place in 2004 Sirens In Sanity Enchanted Camelot, Belly Dance Competition

Amera Eid

Amera Eid is an Australian bellydancer and created an Iconic Australian bellydance boutique and school, Amera’s Palace belly dance boutique in 1987 in the suburb of Newtown, Sydney, Australia, that later moved to Marrickville in 2010. Amera is of Egyptian and European background. Her parents were born in Port Said & shoubra, Egypt, emigrating to Australia in the early 1960s. Exposed to oriental music and dance at a young age, her authentic Egyptian style and musical ear are clearly in her blood. She began her professional training with Rozeta Ahalyea in Sydney in 1983 and worked the Sydney restaurant and Arabic nightclub circuit. She appeared as a support act in concerts for numerous visiting Arabic singers such as Mona Merashli, George Wassouf, Rageb Alame, Rabih El Kholi, Amr Diab, Ehab Toufik, Melham Baraket, Tony Mohanna, Mayez Al Bayah, Pascal Mashalany, and Nawal El Zoughby. Template: Jerusalem Hotel Amman Jordan 1991Eid opened Amera’s Palace bellydance boutique in 1987, which included one of the first bellydance schools in Sydney. ( The school operated in Sheiks Tent nightclub on weeknights, whilist the nightclub was closed in 1987) In the days before the internet the boutique also acted as the hub of information on bellydancing in Australia through The Palace newsletter, which ultimately became a bi annual magazine. The magazine merged with Bellydance Oasis Magazine in late 2006 due to Amera’s growing commitments to looking after three foster children.In 1990, Amera was put in contact with Lebanese agent Toros Siranossian, and became one of only a handful of non-Arabic dancers to work with him at that time. Mr Siranossian represented Amera for the next 7 years, with continuous year-round contracts throughout the Middle East, taking up residence in Beirut as her home base. Between 1994 and 1999 Amera also traveled regularly to Egypt, where she trained with top choreographers Raqia Hassan, Ibrahim Akef and Aida Nour, and also performed two contracts in the summer of 1999.Amera returned to Australia, after this and retired as a professional dancer but continued to teach and runs international workshops . In 2008 she hosted THE FARHA TOUR to Australia, 6–9 November 2008, the first time a Belly Dance event of this international calibre has ever happened in the Southern Hemisphere. In 2010 she hosted for the first time, Egyptian Belly Dancer, Dina for workshops and a Concert. In 2013 she sold Ameras Palace to Ali Higson where it still remains one of the premier Belly Dance outlets in Australia for the last 26 years. Amera now concentrates on teaching belly dancing privately, and workshops nationally, and continues her passion of working in foster care for children.


Amman Jordan Jerusalem hotel (2 months 1991, 1992 & 1993)Amman Jordan Intercontinental hotel (2 months 1994)Amman Jordan Regency Palace (2 months 1995)Aswan Basma Hotel (1999)Egypt Sharm el Sheik Gazala Gardens (1999)Greece Athens Shahraman Restaurant (4 months 1991)Greece Dubai Singapore New Caledonia (1985-1989)India New Delhi Hyatt Hotel (New Year's Eve 1989)Ivory Coast Abidjan - Al Sultan Restaurant (2 months 1995)Lebanon Beirut : Summerland Hotel (2 months New year 1995/96)Muscat Omman Al Bustan Palace (3 mths 1993)Syria Lattaquia Le Meridien (2 months 1994)Syria Le Meridien Hotel (2 months 1995)U.A.E Dubai Claridge hotel ( 2 months 1994 & 1996)U.A.E. Abu Dhabi Gulf Hotel (3 months 1992)U.A.E. Al Ain Intercontinental Hotel ( 2 months 1993 1994 & 1995)U.A.E. Al Ain Hilton Hotel (1 month 1992)U.A.E. Dubai St George hotel (2 months 1996)U.A.E. Dubai Carlton Tower hotel (2 months 1995)U.A.E. Dubai Vendome Plaza Hotel (2 months 1993 & 1994)

Amar Gamal

Amar Gamal (born c. 1975) is a well known Cuban dancer who practices the art of bellydancing. She lived in Florida as a teenager. At the age of thirteen, Gamal began performing as a bellydancer with the Mid-Eastern Dance Exchange company, based in Miami Beach. One of her directors at the time was the well-known dancer, Tamalyn Dallal. The stunning elegance of Amar Gamal is unmatched. Her grace stems from a mixture of pure artistry, strong technique, well-rounded dance training, and her Cuban upbringing. Amar’s elegant and unique style has made her a sought after performer, choreographer and instructor worldwide. She has had the privilege to be an invited guest teacher and performer all over Asia, Europe, Africa, North America and South America. Amar was born in Havana, Cuba and immigrated to the United States as a small child. Her childhood was spent largely in Miami where she continued to embrace her Cuban heritage. This upbringing had a strong influence in her dynamic dance style adding a natural spice of “Latiness”, which delights her fans all over the world. Amar’s dance training began at the age of 13 at Miami’s Mideastern Dance Exchange under the legendary Tamalyn Dallal. Soon after, Amar attended the reputable New World School of the Arts High School in Miami, FL; where she was the first and only student to audition with bellydance and get accepted into their dance program. There she pursued her well-rounded, intensive dance training in Ballet, Jazz, Modern/Contemporary, Tap and Afro-Cuban dances. Amar was one of the lead dancers for Tamalyn’s “Mid Eastern Dance Exchange Company” and Jihan’s “The Jamal Dancers”. Under their direction Amar was fortunate to perform in many educational, cultural and commercial projects. She also had the honor to be Tamalyn’s dance partner for many years as they traveled to Haiti, Bahamas, Costa Rica and all over the US.
 Over the years Amar has had the privilege to have studied with many extraordinary teachers including Antolino Alvarez, Jihan Jamal, Elena Garcia, Yousry Sharif, Elsa Bello and Maria Jammal.

In 1998 Amar and her dance partners Kaeshi Chai and Jenna Co-founded Bellyqueen a New York based bellydance company. From 2006-2009 Bellyqueen toured the US, Canada, Western and Eastern Europe and Asia. In 2002, while performing a 6-month contract in Aladdin’s Dessert Passage in Las Vegas, NV Amar competed and won first place in Bellydance Break Beats Competition headed by Miles Copeland. Inspired by performances by Amar and her fellow dancers Sonia and Ansuya the idea forBellydance Superstars was born. Amar was one of the 6 chosen soloists for Bellydance Superstars (BDSS). Under their direction she toured all over the USA, Canada, Europe and Asia. She was featured in various American, Italian, French and Spanish television programs including Regis and Kelly and Jimmy Kimmel Live. With BDSS She also opened for the band Audioslave and shared the same stage as Jane’s Addiction, Incubus and Jurassic 5. In their 6th month contract in Monaco the company performed for Prince Albert of Monaco.

Amar is the double crown winner of Ms. America and Ms. World of the bellydance San Francisco, CA; winner of Bellydance Break Beats Competition Los Angeles, CA; First runner up Ms. Egypt competition Cairo, Egypt. She is certified in Dancing through Pregnancy and Zumba Basics; She has a Bachelors of Science Degree and Associates Degree in Psychology.
Amar continues to perform and teach all over the world. She teaches regular on-going bellydance classes, enjoys taking Zumba and yoga; and drinking her all time favorite hot soy chai lattes. Her favorite season is Fall, which is why she chooses Massachusetts as her home base. Here she lives with her husband, daughter and “doggie.”
Style, Philosophy & Method
Amar Gamal’s bellydance style is an Egyptian fusion that includes flavors of Latin, Jazz, Modern and Ballet, while still preserving the traditional and classical Egyptian feel. Her technique is highly focused on strong posture, clean lines, and whole body awareness, which allows her to showcase this seamless fusion.
Amar believes dance is a combination of expression, movement, feeling and technique. She keeps her classes and workshops high energy, which allows students to focus on having fun and enjoy the moment, while still being disciplined. 
Amar encourages her students to have a good sense of humor about themselves; 

“It’s all in your attitude if you are enjoying the process of dancing then it doesn’t matter whether you have achieved the steps or not, because you are experiencing ‘true bliss’ by just enjoying the moment.” Amar is an approachable teacher who creates a supportive and comfortable atmosphere where students can grow into artists.
Amar helps her students find their individual style through the pairing of strong technique and flourishes (creating flavor) which in turn, creates each dancer’s signature style. The AG Bellydance Method is a technique focused method that allows dancers to express and showcase the art of belly dance to its fullest.
Aspects of The AG Bellydance Method are:
Body alignment and posture
Body awareness
Muscle and skeletal control
Clean fluid transitions
Musicality and rhythm knowledge
Execution of and commitment to the movement
The use of props
An understanding of the origins of the dance