Latifa Nejim

Latifa was born and grew up in Ukraine. All her life connects with a dance!

"Dance is my life" - the motto of Latifa!
In Ukraine for 10 years Latifa was the leader in ukrainian professional dance group of folkloric dance. Was successful experience in modern pop and ballroom dance. But always Latifa wanted something more where she could open her heart and soul to show all her feelings to the audience. How was she wondering when once in 2003 Latifa learns from her first teacher of dance who lived in Russia about new kind of dance - it was Belly Dance!

Realized that it is amazing new style of dance is very interesting for her ,where all the people can develop themself and not depend on partners, in 2004 Latifa decided and moved to Russia. Almost 2 years Latifa had experience working in the most famouse arabic restaurant in Moscow. There she was able to observe the various belly dancers, as well as get acquainted with the Arabic music such as: Oum Kolthsoum, Abdel Halim, Warda , Abdel Wahab etc.. “It was a big school for me” – Latifa says,– :“we did not see the days, we were working only at the nights”.

In 2006 in Moscow Latifa met 2 belly dance super stars from Egypt who came to teach russian students- they were a great teacher Madame Raqia Hassan and the legendary Dina. From that moment Latifa falls in love in an Egyptian style of oriental dance! Latifa already knew that for sure she should to visit the country where all the people are grew up with arabic culture , music and atmosfer. That in this people the feelings of the oriental dance come with their blood.

While Latifa kept in mind this idea, she started to practice hard in Belly Dance every day more! And she even did not notice that she got a leading position among the dancers of Russia. And in 2007-2008 by the International Dance Organization (IDO) Latifa became European Champion, World Cup winner and World Champion!

1 year later In 2009 Latifa realized her dream and came for the first time to visit Egypt where she met the most famous belly dancers . Since that time inside of Latifa turned over all awareness about oriental dance. Latifa's dance began to change significantly. Using her skills from previous years Latifa brings in dance the best of the parts. It is the grace of perfect motion of classical and modern dance keeping pace with the times. But there is a basis what Latifa always leaves - is Egyptian style of dance!
Now Latifa works in All Russian Dance Organization as a partner (ARDO) in Moscow. She has the highest and international judging category in Oriental Dance (IDO).

Latifa received higher education at the Moscow State University of Culture and Arts as a teacher-choreographer!

Since 2012 by the invitation of the most famous and legendary Madame Raqia Hassan, Latifa received a big opportunity became a teacher and performer in the biggest International "Ahlan Wa Sahlan" Festival in Egypt/Cairo! Latifa's popularity every year becomes more and more. Latifa teaches and performs all over the world!